The Metalworker: Is the Commander Rules Committee Ruining the Format? (Part 1, Rules Management)

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There are many magic players present across the world. Nevertheless, to become a proficient magic player, it is imperative to assess how confidently your beliefs are deep-rooted in the realism. It is quite simple to declare that the card goes in each deck. We believe that it is essential to plan what we actually think about the Rules Committee. In addition, what this Committee is dependable for! It might be diverse than their own objective declaration, in case they will have one. However, we believe it is vital to do this. In our perception, the Rules Committee must collection information, details, responses and views from the other individuals who play the game. Moreover, this Committee should utilize the entire collection to make imperative judgments related to the following:

  • Handling a lot of rules and regulations that are related to the Commander.
  • Handling the ban list of the Commander
  • Marketing the format and increase the base of the gamer

We are going to analyze the Rules Committee dependent on their achievement in each of the above sections. We are concentrating on whether the objectives behind the amendments they have made are wrong or right.

Management of Rules

In the starting period of the Commander, there are many rules and regulations that are now modified. Your beginning of life was dependent on the number of gamers present in the game. The Rules Committee was working on the rules for many years. At the present time, we are going to have a glance at the 3 rules and the decisions taken by the Committee in accordance with them.

Silver-bordered Cards Temporarily Legal (December 1, 2017)

Before this amendment, the earlier cards were illegal which can also be termed as banned. The peculiarity was hardly related if you are discussing the Spike in the Tournament Grinder. Nevertheless, it is the main purpose why she enables you to get info about the Black Lotus yet not the Blue Eyes of the White Dragon. We think that this amendment to fall in the realm of the changing rules, particularly for it includes the accumulation of an extra deck of machine cards as well as their linked rules collection.

At the time when the Unstable was introduced in the market, cards from Unhinged, Unglued, as well as Unstable became lawful in the Commander for more than one and a half month.

Were This Change’s Goals Well-informed and Worthwhile?

We consider that the reason behind this change was worthwhile and well-informed. According to us, the Rules Committee evaluated properly that there will be a substantial set of the player-based that appreciates Commander.

Did the Rules Change Accomplish the Specified Objectives Effectively?

When we had a glance at this change then we have come to know that it was in effect for more than a month. According to us, the specified objectives were met effectively.

Vancouver Mulligan Change

In the mid of 2015, the modest magic evaluated out the Vancouver Mulligan along with the Pro Tour: Magic Origins. The Rules Committee posted a detailed article for the diverse rules of a mulligan. The evaluation was successful and it was accepted for the planned formats. At the beginning of 2016, the change was accepted by the Committee.

Were This Change’s Goals Well-informed and Worthwhile?

Unfortunately, the goals behind this change were neither well-informed nor worthwhile.

Did the Rules Change Accomplish the Stated Goals Effectively?

According to us, the rules change did accomplish the stated goals effectively.

Tuck Rule Change

Before this amendment, in case your commander will move from the stack, battlefield, graveyard or your hand to your very own collection through an upshot such as the Chaos Warp, Timetwister or Oblation, then you will surely have to meet the terms. Later than the change, we have got the capacity to lead the commander to the area of command rather than putting into the collection.

Were This Change’s Goals Well-informed and Worthwhile?

Unluckily, the goals behind this change were not well-informed at all. They were not worthwhile as well.

Did the Rules Change Accomplish the Stated Goals Effectively?

The Tuck Rule Change was utilized to deal with the challenging commanders such as the Theros gods, Enlightened Master as well as Narset. The rule accomplished the stated goals for sure.

Off-Colour Fetches

It is not so hard to comprehend this rule. It will not create any sort of issues with the rest of the cards that are related to the mainland types such as Tomb of Yawgmoth or Urborg.

Were This Change’s Goals Well-informed and Worthwhile?

No, this change’s goals were not well-informed and worthwhile.

Did the Rules Change Accomplish the Stated Goals Effectively?

There was basically no genuine amendment.

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