Frequently Asked Questions

No, we do not like your hand in the pocket when it comes to submitting your work here. Its free of cost.

You are in a cost-free environment, neither you need to pay nor will you get paid.

Your written content will be checked and passed by our team of checkers and within 5 business days you will get notified either your content is accepted or otherwise vis E-mail. But when the traffic is high and the submissions are rushing at the website, then your work can also take up to 10 days to process.

No, you will never have to. You just need to register yourself once and then you can submit as much work as you want. Our system is flexible and easy as well.

HTML tags that are accepted for Body: <p><b><strong><i><em><u><br><blockquote><ol><ul><li>

HTML tags that are accepted for the Author’s Signature: <br /><b><u><a href>

HTML tags that are accepted for the Author Bio: <br /><b><u><a href>

Submit us your report here via E-mail, along with the supporting evidences. We will conduct the research from there and we will let you know about the issue. You will be heard and you will be attended the way you deserve to be. If you are ever bothered by the other authors, we will resolve your issue and ensure that we can advert any further occurrences of that issue again.

Login is the first step, choosing the “My Account “from the menu at the top is the second step and choosing “Change Profile Pictures” from “My Shortcuts ” is the third step.

Just visit at the top, the search bar and search by the name of the Author, content heading, content title or the Content itself. As mentioned, flexible and easy.